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Ultimate Romantic Destinations that you can cruise to

Loved up couples are looking to escape the madness of everyday life on a regular basis, but to understand the real sense of romance, you need to embark on an adventure to one of the world’s most romantic destinations. With our fantastic range of cruise deals, how can you resist a holiday with the one you love? Sit back and relax as we uncover destinations you’re bound to fall in love with over and over again.


“Romantic destinations to us are ones that have sunsets to warm our hearts, natural and secluded scenery to brighten our eyes and a rich welcoming culture to inspire our minds. Although paradise islands and mountain top treehouses are often our best romantic escapes, it is often the unexpected destination that truly brings us together.”

As Jen and Rudolph from The Married Wanderers mentioned above, the beauty of a romantic destination is more than just the top tourist spots and is about finding those locations that bring joy to your heart and for many, that’s South Africa. The joy of a safari, the beauty of the deep red sunsets and the thrill of the outdoors make this location the perfect stop for a spell-binding cruise adventure.

Embark from Cape Town into a mirage of South African heat and head to destinations like Johannesburg, Richards Bay and Kampa Game Reserve before jumping back on the ship for a relaxing adventure to your chosen destination.

No matter where you head in South Africa, you’ll be met with scenes that you’ll treasure forever and romantic memories that’ll bring you and your partner closer than ever.


Honeymoons reported “The first country on our list is arguably the most popular destination in Europe – even more so for honeymooners. France is almost synonymous with romance with its fine wines, luxury hotels, historical museums and delicious food.”

France, the romantic capital of Europe. When talking about a romantic getaway in France, how can you not mention Paris? Known for its artistic flair, Instagram-able hot spots and views to die for, you really won’t find a destination that encapsulates beauty more than ‘the city of lights’.

Lonely Planet describes it as: “The artistic and literary liberation of Romanticism, yet this graceful city has always inspired love. It permeates through the city where loved-up couple’s laze in its manicured gardens, get intimate in candlelit wine bars and stroll along the Seine arm-in-arm at sunset.”

Whilst visiting, make sure you head to the iconic Eiffel Tower, Le Marais or as the Married Wanderers suggest, “Have a private cheese inspired picnic in the Tuileries Gardens.” Our range of European cruises take you right to the heart of the French capital allowing you to see its wonders before hopping back on board and heading off to your next worldly location. 


The Travelling Newlyweds Bobby and Alli love heading to the Caribbean when they’re after a sun-filled lovers’ getaway “Being avid cruisers, some of the most romantic destinations we've been to have been islands in the Caribbean. From the crystal blue waters of Nassau, to the colourful architecture in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to the white, sandy beaches of Turks and Caicos... no matter your "travel style", there's something for everyone. You can relax by the water with a rum punch in hand or adventure around the island on a scooter or an ATV! Regardless, we believe there's nothing more romantic than spending a day exploring (and relaxing) in one of these picture-perfect spots!” 

Aside from its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, scorching climates and mouth-watering food there is something about the Caribbean that everyone falls in love with. Whether you’re looking for your perfect honeymoon location or your next couples’ trip abroad, a cruise to the Caribbean should be at the top of your list.  


Honeymoon Backpackers quoted “Vietnam is one weird, crazy yet wonderful place. It’s rich in culture and history, yet modern, chaotic and touristic at the same time.

Whether you’re checking out busy mega-cities like Hanoi and Saigon or trekking through rural villages in Sapa, Vietnam is sure to be unforgettable!”

Not your typical romantic destination and one that people often dismiss, Vietnam is a historical destination waiting to be explored that’s full of UNESCO World Heritage sites and bustling cities with hidden gems around every corner.

“Our most romantic destinations have to include wandering through the secluded rice terraced mountains of Mu Cang Chai in Northern Vietnam.” Says Jen.

Totally unique to any other destination, the cuisine in Vietnam is exquisite and the reason a lot of people choose to visit. If you’re thinking about visiting, then make sure you tuck into some of the local dishes whilst exploring. 


The Culture Trip describes Hawaii as a paradise on earth: “Hawaii is a beautiful tropical vacation hot spot unlike any other in the world. From its beautiful white sandy beaches, its majestic mountains and steep valleys to its city life, there really is something for everyone to enjoy!.”

If you want views worthy of a postcard and weather to die for, then you won’t be able to find a better couples’ destination than Hawaii.

Where’s Hawaiian Islands associate editor, Rizza Ballesteros, told Wheretraveler: “Honolulu is probably the only place in the state where one can go on a hike to a waterfall through a bamboo forest, go surfing, then party at a nightclub—all in one day.”


“Italy is one of the top romantic vacation destinations in the world; a country where you'll be swept away by quaint seaside villages, pastoral countryside, idyllic islands, dramatic mountains, and ancient historic cities. Romance awaits in Italy!” Says Tripsavvy.

Much like its neighbour France, Italy is known for its romantic cities, delectable cuisine and stunning architecture. Hotspots like Rome and Venice have been popular destinations for tourists for years now, and we can see why!

Hop off the ship and embark on a journey of discovery as you meander through small cobbled streets, lined with canals and 200-year-old houses. The sheer beauty of Italy is just one of the reasons it’s so popular and destinations like Capri and Cinque Terre are always must-visit locations.

Kate from Our Escape Clause tells us her favourite Italian spots: "After more than 2.5 years spent travelling full-time as a couple, we’ve definitely seen our fair share of romantic places! Some, though, stick out high above the rest. When it comes to destinations you can cruise to, it’s hard to beat Cinque Terre: Italy’s famous five fishing villages that dot the coast of Liguria are justifiably famous and endlessly romantic.”

Want to hike to amazing viewpoints? You can do it there. Lounge on the beach? Done. Duck into historical buildings and churches? Easy. Indulge in an epic, wine-filled dinner of incredible Italian food overlooking one of the most beautiful pieces of coastline in the world? It’s totally possible in Cinque Terre.”

“The other location that I would highly recommend for its romantic appeal is Capri. Situated in the Bay of Naples, Capri has the distinct feeling of being in a 1950s romantic Hollywood film. Similar to Positano, Capri is covered in draping wisteria, boutique shops, hotels and bars, and home to some incredible views over the Bay. To really experience the true beauty of Capri, once you arrive at the port, take the Funicular up to the top of Capri, where you can gaze out over the port below and the surrounding Bay of Naples. There are plenty of beautiful walks to do up the top of Capri, so be sure to stroll along the paths, through the gardens, and soak up the beautiful atmosphere that is one of the most romantic islands in the world.” Explains Clarissa from Honeymoon Hangover

No matter where you choose to head on your next cruise, we’re sure the whole experience will be magical.

This post originally appeared on Azamara Cruises.

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