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Positano, amore mio

Positano was possibly my favourite spot from our honeymoon and the one that I keep mentally coming back to. There is just so much to love about this beautiful, seaside Amalfi town. We spent 4 nights in Positano and could have definitely spent a lot more!

Arriving in Positano by bus from Rome was an experience. I'm not one for heights or windy roads and the route from Rome to Positano definitely had both of those things! Tom loved the sights and got lots of photos, I, however, spent a lot of the really windy route with my eyes closed!

Upon arrival into Positano, our bus stopped right at the top of this hill. Our hotel, La Bougainville, was about half way down towards the beach, so we needed to walk down the hill to get there. If the path hadn't have been so beautiful and interesting, this would have been a much harder walk! Venturing down hundreds of stairs with two bags is not the most fun activity, however the doorways, staircases and views were incredible and made it a memorable experience.

We had the most phenomenal time in Positano and trying to find one outstanding highlight for Positano is virtually impossible. Instead, here are a few of my favourites and I'll focus on individual elements in future posts.

The streets

Seriously, everything about Positano is beautiful. The streets are like nothing we have in Australia and I could wander them endlessly. Sloping ramps and windy staircases take you from the main road to the beach and if you look up, bougainvillea flowers cover the "ceiling" of the streets. I'm also a sucker for cobblestone and not to mention the small artisan shops and boutiques that line the streets.


Positano and the whole Amalfi Coast is lemon crazy. The fruit grows here in abundance and everywhere you look, there's a lemon tree and lemon groves grow in abundance on the terraced slopes of the Amalfi. Lemon is so popular that it's incorporated into many of the local patterns. Dresses with lemons adorn all of the boutiques along with crisp, white linen garments, also stereotypical of the area. Lemons can also be found in the local mosaic patterns, and mosaic and ceramic shops are all over the region.


Speaking of which, mosaics and ceramics are definitely another favourite. There is something about the atmosphere of Positano that makes you fall in love with absolutely everything to do with the region, especially their ceramics. You can purchase everything from mosaic tables and birdbaths through to numbered tiles for your home. Sadly we don't own a home yet, so we couldn't buy a number, however I will definitely be going back to Positano in the near future and will purchase one then!


Absolutely everywhere in Positano is a great view. My favourite view? From Franco's Bar (by Le Sirenuse). Tom and I went here for a romantic date night and the venue did not disappoint. Everything about Franco's is incredible, and the views are spectacular. It's also a great spot for a bit of people watching with the who's who in attendance.


Honestly, picking a few highlights is almost impossible. Some of my favourite moments in Positano were spent wandering the quaint streets, window shopping the linen stores, jewellery and ceramics, having a coffee, walking down to the port and eating gelato by the water, and just soaking it all in.

Let me know what your favourite Positano moments were and stay tuned for more of my highlights.

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