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How to spend one day in Capri

A visit to the Amalfi Coast isn’t complete without at least one day on Capri. Isola di Capri is the best known of the islands in the Bay of Naples. Accessible by boat from Naples, Sorrento, Positano or Amalfi (the latter two are season dependent), Capri is a beautiful, romantic and glamorous destination, and one guaranteed to leave a long-lasting impression.

So, if you only have one day to visit Capri, what are the must do activities and sites?

1. Marina Grande

No matter where you depart from, you will arrive in the bustling Marina Grande, the port of Capri. This harbor in itself is a destination, and one worth exploring. It has quaint little jewellery stores, gelaterias and plenty of cafes, as well as smaller tourist boats offering various tours of the island.

2. A boat tour of the island

Before venturing up the hill to the glamorous Capri Town, I strongly recommend taking a boat tour of Capri itself to really see and appreciate the sheer scale of the island’s cliffs.

We decided to take a tour of the island after we experienced the initial, beautiful views just from our journey to the island from Positano. The tour we chose circled around the island and stopped at a few grottos along the way, including Grotta Azzurra (the Blue Grotto), weather dependent. The Blue Grotto is the most famous site of Capri and a key reason why people visit the island. However, you are not guaranteed to see it as you can only gain access if it is low tide. Instead, we visited Grotta Bianca and Grotta Verde, whose waters were incredible. In addition to the grottos, we saw the staggeringly high cliffs of Capri and travelled under the iconic kissing rocks

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3. The Funicular

Once back at Marina Grande, the best way to reach Capri Town is by Funicular (Funiculare di Capri). You can walk just over 2km, however it is very steep going up. I recommend taking the Funicular up and walking back down to the Marina at the end of the day. Reaching the top of the funicular, the views from the stop were incredible.

The Funicular

4. Capri Town

Arriving in Capri Town, your choice of activities is plentiful. Resembling something like a resort or Hollywood movie set, Capri Town is dotted with high-end boutiques, beautiful cafes, hotels and restaurants, and, not to mention, beautiful people. Before embarking on town exploration, sit at a café in Piazza Umberto or the surrounds, enjoy your coffee and maybe a pizza, and partake in a spot of people watching. You won’t be disappointed. Soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying everything that Capri has to offer is a large part of the experience.

5. Gardens of Augustus

Once sufficiently fed and caffeinated, continue your journey of Capri by visiting the Giardini di Augusto (the Gardens of Augustus). Admission is just 1 euro and highly advisable for the beautiful gardens themselves and the breathtaking views they offer.

Via Krupp

6. The lesser-known streets

Anacapri is the third main area of Capri and is accessible by bus from Capri Town. We didn’t visit this region, and instead decided to explore some of the “backstreets” of Capri. Even in the middle of the summer months, there are large areas of Capri that are devoid of tourists. Most visitors will stick to the main areas, such as the Piazza Umberto, so it is worthwhile to get a little lost and explore this beautiful island away from the crowds of tourists.

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