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How to cure a honeymoon hangover

When returning from your honeymoon, or even any amazing vacation, it’s natural to feel a little sad and “hungover”. You have just experienced one of the best times of your life, and the end of a honeymoon also marks the end of wedding-related activities, which can be a downer for some who loved their wedding planning experience (ahem: me).

Obviously the easiest thing to think is “That’s silly, why would you be sad, you’ve just had an amazing trip!?”, or the cliché “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. Well, sometimes those things are just too damn hard and you get upset anyway! Personally, I cried when we reached Rome’s airport because I didn’t want to go home, I was having such an amazing honeymoon.

SO, for those of you who struggle with honeymoon hangover, here are my top tips to cure the affliction.

1. Book another trip ASAP

The first and most obvious piece of advice has to be to simply go back! If your holiday was that amazing, book another one! For us, we started planning our “second honeymoon” while we were still in Italy, making a list of our favourite places and the places we didn’t have time to see.

2. Maximise long weekends

It’s not always feasible to book another long honeymoon-style trip right away so instead, maximise your long weekends and explore your own backyard. No matter where you live, people from all over the world travel to visit your city and towns. I’m from Australia and I know people love to come here to experience all that we have to offer. Three years ago we re-located from Melbourne to Sydney and there is still so much more to explore in New South Wales, so this is one tip that I’m definitely living by to help ease my own honeymoon hangover.

3. Replicate your favourite aspects

What was it that you loved so much about your honeymoon? Was it just travelling in general? See tip 2 above. Was it experiencing new things? Book in for a cooking or craft class in your neighbourhood, or take up a new sport or hobby. Maybe you loved the food and wine (guilty). If this sounds like you, find restaurants in your city that specialise in the cuisine of the country/region you loved. For us, we spent one month in Italy on our honeymoon, so Italian food and wine hold a special place for us. We’ve made it a habit to hunt out new Italian restaurants to try in Sydney to get a taste of our beautiful trip.

4. Create a physical photo album

The same advice here goes for your wedding or any significant time in your life. By printing physical photos and actually holding them, it elicits a different sort of memory and emotional response. There is something so special about being able to hold these important times. Scroll through your thousands of honeymoon photos, attempt to select your favourites and have some printed for frames around your home and put some in albums. You might like to create a printed coffee table photo book, or print out individual photos and create your own scrapbook. Whichever you prefer, this activity helps to keep the memory of your honeymoon alive and the hangover at bay.

5. Learn the language

If you’re planning on returning to your honeymoon location, and if they speak a language other than your native, take a few classes and learn some language basics. Being immersed in the language will transport you back and prepare you for your next journey to the location.

Hopefully these few tips help you to cure your honeymoon hangover as I am attempting to cure mine!

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